Practice Areas

Miller Canfield offers detailed legal assistance in all areas of intellectual property law. Our attorneys are expert in analyzing and preparing comprehensive solutions to our clients engaged in the intellectual property business, as well as resolving conflicts that arise in interdisciplinary projects. Our team of attorneys is able to offer the following services to our clients facing intellectual property issues:


praktyka-arrow Provide expert advise on the legal instruments available to protect an owner’s copyright, patent, trademark or utility design
praktyka-arrow Draft licensing and other related agreements to transfer use of an owner’s intellectual property rights
praktyka-arrow Provide advice on the procedure to register an owner’s intellectual property right at both the national and international levels (including European patents)
praktyka-arrow Provide advice related to copyright law vis-a-vis advertising campaigns
praktyka-arrow Due diligence into a target company’s intellectual property rights portfolio
praktyka-arrow Prosecution of infringement proceedings