Industry Areas

Our offices provide legal assistance for the entrepreneurs within energy sector, both on conventional and renewable energy market. We perform thorough legal analysis of the designed enterprise, organize and coordinate investment processes. Legal assistance rendered to our clients comprises in particular consultation and representation of our clients within the licensing and other administrative proceedings in the ordinary course of their businesses, including before the energy market supervisory and regulatory authorities.


We also take care of drafting and negotiating the contracts with the investors, contractors and key energy consumers, connection, transfer and distribution agreements, review and analyze the drafts of agreements and other documents provided by the client’s contractors .


Our attorneys provide assistance within the investment financing, including EU funds and coordinate and monitor the investment process, particularly with regard to environmental protection requirements, construction procedures and any necessary administrative licenses and permits and also proper security of the rights to real properties.


We perform due diligence with regard to the target enterprise or target investment . Recently, our attorneys focus particularly on providing comprehensive legal support for the projects consisting in the construction and operation of wind farms and the survey and mining of natural gas.