Other Lawyers

Izabela Bartman is a legal associate in the firm`s Wrocław office. She graduated from Wrocław University, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy, in 2002. She worked in the real estate broker’s agency where she gained experience in legal issues related to real estate. She also acquired experience working in IN CORPORE law firm in Wrocław. She speaks English.

contact: bartman@millercanfield.com

Wojciech Babicki is a licensed attorney (adwokat) and the managing partner of Miller Canfield’s Polish offices and co-founder of the firm’s offices in Poland. He received his law degree from the University of Gdańsk in 1981, followed by the studies at the faculty of English. He speaks fluent English. Prior to joining the firm, Wojciech Babicki was a sole practitioner in Gdańsk.  In 1989-90 he served as a legal advisor to the Solidarity Trade Union and its Economic Fund and Economic Foundation. He is a member of the Polish Bar Association for Northern Poland and he is also an arbitrator with the Commercial Court of Arbitration.  Mr. Babicki focuses his professional practice on product liability issues, various matters relating to Polish commercial law and tax law, as well as to competition and labor law. He is the author of publications on theory of law.

contact: babicki@millercanfield.com

Dr. Andrzej Chełchowski is a licensed Polish legal advisor (radca prawny), partner and the managing director of the firm’s Warsaw office. He received his law degree in 1992, and subsequently a doctorate degree in legal science, from Warsaw University, where for 8 years parallel with his legal practice at Miller Canfield he also served as an adjunct professor. Andrzej Chełchowski specializes in real estate finance, development and investment issues, advising many Polish and foreign clients, including developers, commercial operators in their expansion, banks and other financial institutions as well as investors. Several times recommended as a real property legal expert by Best Lawyers and European Legal Experts and Legal Experts Europe, Middle East & Africa; author of a number of legal publications. Moreover, Dr. Andrzej Chełchowski provides legal advice on the ongoing restructuring of the health care sector, as well as on financing and structuring of various public infrastructure projects. He is fluent in English.

contact: chelchowski@millercanfield.com

Andrzej Czopski is a licensed legal advisor (radca prawny) and the partner and has been with Miller Canfield’s Gdynia office for over ten years. He graduated from Gdańsk University in 1992. He specializes in business and labor law, including legal issues related to the status of foreign nationals in Poland. Mr. Czopski has been involved in many foreign investment projects in Poland. Since 1998 Andrzej Czopski has collaborated with the American Bar Association (Section of Labor and Employment Law) and BNA Books, a law publishing house. He is the co-author of International Labor and Employment Laws, Volume II, published in the United States. Andrzej Czopski is fluent in English.

contact: czopski@millercanfield.com

Dr. Konrad B. Marciniuk is a licensed legal advisor (radca prawny) and partner in the firm’s Warsaw office. He received his law degree in 1994, and subsequently a doctorate in legal science, from Warsaw University. Since 1995 Mr. Marciniuk has been a lecturer of law at the University of Warsaw. He is experienced in property acquisition transactions, preparation and implementation of investment projects (land use planning, building regulations and environmental protection law issues) as well as property financing and commercialization schemes. During his legal career he participated in several hundred investment projects, including commercial (shopping centers, office buildings), housing, industrial (including a big power unit), warehouse-logistic and infrastructural buildings, health care and sports and recreational projects. His practice area covers financing investment projects on real property as well as preparation and execution of investment projects in the public–private partnership sector. He focuses his professional practice on property acquisition and shopping centre development schemes for a hyper- and supermarket leader in Poland. Mr Marciniuk has also advised major industrial developers on EPC contracts. He is also an expert on the European Union legal system and the ongoing harmonization of Polish law with that of the EU. Repeatedly recommended as a real property legal expert by European Legal 500. He is fluent in English and has conversational Russian.

contact: marciniuk@millercanfield.com

Richard A. Walawender is a principal of the firm and co-founder of the firm’s offices in Poland. He speaks Polish fluently and has extensive experience in public and private finance, commercial law, corporate governance and banking law. He is the head of the firm’s International Business Practice Group. While finishing his degree in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Michigan, Mr. Walawender attended Jagiellonian University in Kraków in 1981. When Solidarity came to power in Poland in 1989, Solidarity asked Mr. Walawender to advise the new government on establishing a bond program. He graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1986, and received his bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, specializing in Eastern European Studies. Mr. Walawender frequently lectures on Polish business law topics and has served as a National Director of the Polish American Congress. He is also a member of the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Michigan, as well as serving on the supervisory boards of several Polish companies.

contact: walawender@millercanfield.com

Karolina Figura is a licensed legal advisor (radca prawny), resident director of the firm’s Wrocław office. She graduated from Wrocław University, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy in 2006. She has broad experience in providing legal assistance to companies. She provides legal advice to Miller Canfield’s Polish and foreign clients in matters relating to their business activities, starting from establishing a company, through day-to-day legal support, and in case of winding-up – assistance in liquidation proceedings. Ms. Karolina Figura specializes in matters relating to business and civil law, including contract, labor as well as administrative law. She also represents clients in litigation proceedings before the common and administrative courts and arbitration panels. She is fluent in English, speaks also German.

contact: figura@millercanfield.com

Olena Shtohryn is a Ukrainian attorney (admitted to the Ukrainian National Bar Association Kyiv Regional Bar Association in 2011), legal counselor and mediator. She is the founder and managing partner of Dictio Law Firm based in Kyiv. She received her law degree in 2007 from Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine and her Mediation Certificate from the Kyiv Mohyla Business School in 2019.

Olena specializes in real estate and construction as well as dispute resolution. She focuses on pre-trial settlement (including alternative methods) and litigation settlement of all disputes related to real estate and construction investments. Her practice area covers due diligence of real estate and unfinished construction projects for the purpose of their acquisition, restoration, reconstruction and completion. Olena also advises during the signing of real estate, investment and construction-related contracts, as well as on the application of city planning, land and land use legislation. Recently, she has dealt with changes in real estate and construction law in Ukraine during martial law.

Olena is a frequent speaker for the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, for which she serves on the Board of Directors. She is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

contact: shtohryn.om@dictio.com.ua

Serhii Shtohryn is a Ukrainian attorney specializing in dispute resolution, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. His experience includes enforcement proceedings, forensic audits, white-collar criminal cases, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. He is a Partner at Dictio Law Firm in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Serhii is licensed as an insolvency practitioner by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and provides complete legal service in debt restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency matters. This includes:

  • Pre-trial debt restructuring;
  • Protecting the rights and interests of bankruptcy creditors, pledge lenders and post-bankruptcy creditors;
  • Legal support to debtors and their officials in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Performing the functions of an administrator of estate, court-appointed administrator, liquidator, restructuring administrator and asset sale administrator.

Serhii is a graduate of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine and has a background with both the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and leading Ukrainian law firms. He is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

contact: shtohryn.sv@dictio.com.ua