Serhii Shtohryn
Attorney at law

Serhii Shtohryn is a Ukrainian attorney specializing in dispute resolution, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. His experience includes enforcement proceedings, forensic audits, white-collar criminal cases, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. He is a Partner at Dictio Law Firm in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Serhii is licensed as an insolvency practitioner by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and provides complete legal service in debt restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency matters. This includes:

  • Pre-trial debt restructuring;
  • Protecting the rights and interests of bankruptcy creditors, pledge lenders and post-bankruptcy creditors;
  • Legal support to debtors and their officials in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Performing the functions of an administrator of estate, court-appointed administrator, liquidator, restructuring administrator and asset sale administrator.

Serhii is a graduate of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine and has a background with both the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and leading Ukrainian law firms. He is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.