Dr. Andrzej Kiedrzyn

Dr. Andrzej Kiedrzyn is a licensed legal advisor (radca prawny) in the firm’s Warsaw office. He graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow in 1982. He obtained his doctorate degree in law at Jagiellonian University in 1990. From 1990-1991 Andrzej Kiedrzyn served as Vice-Consul at the Polish Consulate in New York and from 1991-1994 as First Secretary (consul) of the Consular Department at the Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C. From 1994-1995 he was a head of this department. In 1991, as a member of the Polish governmental delegation, he participated in the United Nations conference on settlements of international conflicts and the United Nations conference on Sea-Bed Organization. Andrzej Kiedrzyn specializes in international public and private law, administrative (environmental protection law) and civil law, litigation and carriage law issues. He is fluent in English.